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The buzz about BeB earphones is spreading!
Posted on Wed, 07/20/2011

The Black Buds ™ are surprising purchasers with a very low sales price and a very high sound quality. Amazon purchasers gave the Black Buds ™ five stars and saying "These are for real" and "Great little buds." The word about the 3-dimensional sound emanating from these dynamic earphones with the HDSS® technology is spreading in audio forums like Head-Fi, and iAudiophile.

An expert reviewer on Head Fi said: “To me, I think the new tech [HDSS®] found in buds like … [the Red] BeB earphones are a window to our futures.  Sets are going to get smaller and more dynamic, this set to me seems like a great stepping stone into this new land of opportunity.  I am kind of amazed a set with a housing this small can sound this good.”  Read more...

MicSys Technology is exhibiting BeB earphones at the Taipei Hi-End Hi-Fi Audio Show from Jul 20 to Jul 24 - demonstrating their sound clarity in the most demanding of arenas.

Many users are curious about the tech behind the BeB earphones. The tech allows us to sell incredible sounding earphones at very low prices. HDSS® is based on ETL technology which is patented in the United States, Russia, and has patent pending status in China, Japan, the European Union, and many other countries. Please go to to learn more abut this revolutionary development in sound technology.

Latest News Praises BeB earphone Models!

Comprehensive review describes the  BeB earphone products as "unpolished gems" in the IEM war zone."


Learn why we sound better

Based on recently patented Embedded Transmission Line (ETL) technology, HDSS® solves a nearly 100 year old audio engineering dilemma: How do you reduce distortion and noise caused by the heat generated by a vibrating loudspeaker cone? READ MORE

“...Very happy that I took the chance on these.
...Do keep an eye out for them or something that mentions the tech [HDSS®] as they are worth checking out.”

Anthony D. (Head-Fi. Forum, Aug 2010) Read More