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For a M.S. suffer, Blue Ever Blue is better than medical marijuana!
Posted on Wed, 02/22/2012. Testimonial by York Van Nixon, Washington DC.

Despite the smorgasbord of choices on the internet, since American manufacturing was shipped overseas, it’s challenging to find value at a reasonable price.   But every now and then one is pleasantly surprised when they discover high quality and competitive pricing with an unexpected extra.

We have all seen the ads saying “Unbelievable Sound,” “It’s like being there,” and other self-aggrandizing blurbs that must have been talking about a different product after getting inside the tamper-proof packaging. Well, ripping the plastic off my new “Silver” Blue Ever Blue headphones (Model 868B) was worth the effort.

"Not only is the “Silver” the best pair of headphones that I have ever heard, the soothing sounds at low volume allow me to keep the cap on my muscle relaxer, Zanaflex. Instead of popping a pill at bedtime, I place my Ipod on low volume and drift into sleep with fewer spasms to wake me in the middle of the night. My neurologist thinks HDSS based on ETL technology must be conducive to the production of alpha, theta and delta brain waves. Whatever is happening between my ears the headphones are working for me and friends with M.S. who have tried a pair and said “No” to more drugs. Sorry “Big-Pharma,” these things work without destroying your liver and kidneys".

Report: Speaker Quality and Psychological Stress Test

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Based on recently patented Embedded Transmission Line (ETL) technology, HDSS® solves a nearly 100 year old audio engineering dilemma: How do you reduce distortion and noise caused by the heat generated by a vibrating loudspeaker cone? READ MORE

“...Very happy that I took the chance on these.
...Do keep an eye out for them or something that mentions the tech [HDSS®] as they are worth checking out.”

Anthony D. (Head-Fi. Forum, Aug 2010) Read More